Let's Keep Busy!

These are crazy times and we hope to keep everyone smiling and busy. We'll post ideas here and on our Facebook page for fun, free activities for your family.

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Please post pictures on instagram at @iam.freetobe or on Facebook at @freetobeinc. We can do this! 

Start a community wide "Window Walk"

Free Online Learning Links:
  1. ST MATH: www.stmath.com
  2. SCHOLASTIC: classroommagazines.scholastic.com
  3. EDUCATION.COM: www.education.com
  4. FUNBRAIN: www.funbrain.com
  5. BRAIN POP: www.brainpop.com
  6. DUO LINGO: www.duolingo.com
  7. PRODIGY: www.prodigygame.com
  8. MATH PLAYGROUND: www.mathplayground.com
  9. PBS KIDS: pbskids.org
  10. SPLASH LEARN: www.splashlearn.com
  11. MATH GAME TIME: www.mathgametime.com
  12. KHAN ACADEMY: www.khanacademy.org
  13. DISCOVER MINDBLOWN: www.discoverymindblown.com
  14. NASA KIDS’ CLUB: www.nasa.gov
  15. AMAZING SPACE: amazing-space.stsci.edu
  16. CODE ACADEMY: www.codecademy.com
  17. CRASH COURSE ON YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com
  18. WHO WAS? www.whowasbookseries.com
  19. NAT GEO KIDS: kids.nationalgeographic.com
  20. TIME 4 KIDS: www.timeforkids.com
  21. SMITHSONIAN FOR KIDS: www.si.edu

Links to activity ideas:

Giant List of Ideas

30+ Virtual Field Trips for Kids