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Personalized Glass Beercan Tumbler with Bamboo Lid and Glass Straw

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These Personalized are handmade from 100% borosilicate glass which is known for its thickness, sturdiness, and clarity. The cute personalization are handmade and designed with high quality dishwasher safe, long lasting vinyl. These cute iced coffee cups with sustainable bamboo lid and glass straw are perfect for all of your adventures. Take it on the go with your busy lifestyle, these can shaped glassware cups hold up to 16oz of all your favorite beverages. The snug-fitting bamboo lid with silicone sleeve allows you to take on the run with you and seals tightly to prevent any spillage. The large diameter glass straw is reusable and sustainable. Designed and handmade in the USA, our line of iced coffee can glasses are made with high quality materials, sustainable bamboo lids and reusable glass straws! Fill with your drink of choice! These glasses are perfect iced coffee cups for adults. They make cute cups for college roommates and these cups with lid and straw can be filled with water, tea, smoothies, cocktails, beer, mixed drinks, even boba tea!

THICK STURDY AND DURABLE - Our 16-ounce easy to clean can cup is made from 100% borosilicate glass, a very long lasting material, and features a completely flat bottom.

SNUG FITTING NON SPILL - Made from Bamboo that is 100% sustainably sourced and reusable. It features a snug-fitting silicone sleeve to tightly seal in liquids and prevent any leaks, splashes, or spills.

LARGE SIZE AND EASY CLEAN - Our modern aesthetic glass straw is 100% borosilicate glass and reusable. The large diameter makes it easy to clean and perfect for and beverage you choose.